About Us


Hello Beautiful!

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Jasmine Dernehl and I'm the creator of XXV BEAUTY. With the help from my wonderful family, who are all a big part of helping making a dream come true! 


I love all things Beauty, Makeup and Skincare. It has always been my passion to make people look gorgeous & feel beautiful. 

When I was growing up I danced all over the world and wore all different kinds of makeup. Unfortunately it made my skin breakout so bad, I truly had the worst skin for a teen. That's when I really got into what was makeup made of and why did it make your skin breakout? 

While I was in beauty school I found out that I could create my own makeup line, I was so excited about this. I didn't just want a makeup line. I wanted one that not only looked amazing, I really wanted one that could take care of your skin, be anti-aging and have some great natural ingredients as well.

After some failures and so many tries, I finally created the perfect blend of all 3! The day I opened my first salon in 2008, I launched XXV BEAUTY as Well! 

I was 25 at the time and that's why I named the makeup XXV. It stands for that time in your life where you feel Confident, Sexy, Sassy & Classy. You just feel like you truly know who you are for yourself! 

I have been in the beauty business for quite some time now, I stopped aging at 25 just so you know. My favorite moments of doing someones makeup or hair is that moment when they realize their own self. They became they own XXV. Even some of my celebrity clients had this moment, I was so proud to bring it out in them!

So my true gift to you is, try out XXV BEAUTY MAKEUP & SKINCARE. We hope you find your own Beauty, your own Confidents, your own Sexy, your own Sassy & your own Classy self!

Here's to being XXV!


Jasmine Dernehl