Add a hint of our light pink "Candy" eyeliner to your upper and lower eyelids, to create a super sweet and flirty look that he'll be sure to notice! This product is, Paraben Free ~ Made in...
Make sure he knows who's court he's in. We all deserve to feel like royalty. 
WARNING: users of this product have reported sudden transormation into a "Straight up Vixen."
"Butter Cream", is a great highlighter and under eye concealer pen. This pen has a golden undertone! It is Longwear, Water resistant, and has a flawless Matte finish! This concealer pen is a wakeup...
Tempting, isn't it? This shiny Nude-Rose lipstick color "Temptress" is the perfect shade for everyday wear! Our lipsticks contain Vitamin E oil and Apricot oil for hydration and are flavored...
"Sweet pea", is a great highlighter and under eye concealer pen! This concealer pen has a light pink-ish undertone. It's Longwear, Water resistant, and has a flawless Matte finish! This product is a...
Our "Active Firming Eye Cream" helps to firm and diminish fine lines around your eyes! This cream works best when applied at night before bed, doing its job while you sleep, so you wake up to...
Should you require more attention, simply apply and enjoy.
These Dual Powders are a foundation and powder in one! They create medium - full coverage depending on brush or sponge application. Also used as a setting powder, they are long-wear and are created...
Have you ever wanted a foundation that looks natural, gives great coverage AND is designed to not clog your pores? Look no further! Our Flawless Foundations are all of that PLUS they feel light...
Brown Sugar... How come you taste so good? Here's your answer.
Why do we love this BB Cream? Because it's half makeup and half skincare! We designed our BB Creams to have a light feel with a medium coverage and sun protection, all with our Anti-Aging Complex to...
Our "Beige Touch" HD Foundation is a full coverage, waterproof foundation made for camera ready women! It was designed to not clog your pores so you can wear it everyday with no worries, including an...
Love our Chamomile Face Wash? get the big one!!!
With our Mango Hydrate Moisturizer being our BESTSELLER we had to make a bigger size!!
We love this easy to use cream black waterproof eyeliner! It will last all day and night and even works great for a glamorous pool day!
Our amazing "Black liquid eyeliner" is highly pigmented, longwear and speed dries! With its felt tip, you get smooth application, creating a great look, whatever your style may be! This product...