Fresh face or Diva?

Fresh face or Diva?

Jasmine Dernehl on 24th Jan 2017

Today I got asked if fashion trends for makeup were bothering me, because they're leaning more and more towards the "no makeup, makeup look".

This was my response, 

I truly love all different makeup looks. Sometimes I love waking up, washing my face and then just putting on our XXV Hydrate moisturizer, and that's it! Done for the day. I love walking around the house with my hair in a bun, my yoga pants on and a drinking a nice cup of tea. It's super fun. 

Then there are those days where I just want to wear a little eyeliner and mascara.... you know, keep it simple! 

But then there are days where I just need to feel really pretty! I get inspired by a look, put some makeup on and I go out to lunch with friends!! It's funny, but, I observe when I do that, people sometimes treat me differently! I look and feel beautiful, and walk around with a certain confidence! People can see that and It kind of raises the standard wherever you go and it inspires people! You feel confident and classy!

Personally, one of my favorite things to do is get ALL dolled up! I'm talking the works: foundation, contouring, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, brows, mascara, eyelashes, curl my hair, put on a sexy dress, wear heels, and go on a date with my husband! He loves to show me off and make me feel beautiful, sexy, sassy and classy! I feel that it's a part of my job as a woman, to always show my man that I love him by taking care of myself and keeping the standard of my image, high! I know that playing with all these different looks, helps me to always keep some mystery about myself, and I know men love that, too!

My favorite thing about makeup, though is how it can make you feel. When I want to show I'm confident, I wear red lipstick. When I want to be sexy, I love a nude lipstick. When I want to be sassy, I wear a fun pink lipstick or lip gloss. When I'm feeling like a rockstar, a purple lipstick is just right. And when I just want to be a mom and kiss my little girl all day, our XXV Skincare is perfect!!! There are so many different looks to put on and try out, and that's why I am so in love with this business. Endless opportunities to look and feel like the most beautiful version of you that you can!

So to answer your question," no". Fashion trends, makeup wise, don't bother me, because they're personal. Everyone has a different preference and look that they love! Whatever makes YOU feel pretty and like the best version of yourself, you should go for!

So bring on all the different looks, they go with all different moods and people!

 I hope you can all share the joy that makeup can bring you! I know sometimes if I'm having a bad day, the right makeup can make me feel so much better! It's my favorite kind of therapy!

So keep it sexy, sassy and always classy!

Love Always, Jasmine Dernehl