Why use XXV Beauty over Other Brands?

Why use XXV Beauty over Other Brands?

Jasmine Dernehl on 3rd Mar 2020

I love all the questions I get asked about XXV BEAUTY! This one I got asked today, so here's my response:)

Of course there are many amazing products out there, and yes, I've tried so many of them! There are specific products though, that really made me want to create XXV!

1) I've seen the ones advertised by celebrities that I just HAD to order, but once I did, I found out that the products were cheaply made with corn oil and my face started breaking out. And on top of that, they somehow set me up on some monthly payment cycle for $200 that I didn't even know about..... so uncool!!

2) Then there are some products I've tried, and loved them, but my husband didn't like the smell or my skin was sensitive to the perfume. 

3) THEN there are the products that are so natural, they go bad before you get to use it all. 

4)Or the lipsticks with bad after tastes because of the chemicals........Or the Eyeshadows that fall all over your face....... Or the mascara that flakes all day!

5) Or the skin serums that are supposed to be miraculous but after using it I found I had clogged pores that wouldn't go away, only to discover that the serum had artificial silicone in it! 

So, as you can see, I've tried a lot. I've also listened to my clients about what bothers them about the makeup brands they use. These are all the things I took into consideration when designing our line! They all have inspired me to create XXV BEAUTY.

 One of my biggest discoveries was realizing that some oils can actually start to suffocate your cells! Naturally, if our skin can't breathe, it starts to die and that's how we really start aging! 

Well ladies, skin is like a bonsai tree. If you give it the right ingredients, it will constantly repair itself! It will continue to look happy and healthy!!!! 

Now, what if I told you we created a Makeup & Skincare Line that lets your skin breathe all day, helps protect your cells with vitamin C, helps repair your skin with Vitamin E, helps kill bacteria and free radicals with Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera, and more!! Well.... we did! 

This is what we've been working on for years, and we've done it! All with the idea that your skin is IN FACT, alive! And if we keep feeding it what it needs, with good Skincare and Makeup, we will always have happy skin! That was our goal and we are happy to say, that we've gotten amazing response from wonderful people that have tried our products over the past years.

So yes! I'd love for you to try XXV BEAUTY out and let me know what you think! And yes, XXV has truly been the best makeup and skincare I have ever used on my own face, as well as my families'!

Last but not least, a word for the gentlemen, Just because the word "Makeup" is associated with us, does not mean men can't use our Skincare products, too! Our line is everyone friendly, designed with everyone in mind, to help keep everyones' skin happy and healthy! 

Free of Parabens, Fragrances, Hypo-allergenic, and NOT tested on animals! We hope XXV becomes a part of your family soon! 

Much Love, Jasmine XXV BEAUTY!